Sunday, September 25, 2011

When The Universe Calls.....Answer!

This or something better...At least that is what I would love to believe or need to believe as my truth to continue to have faith in the unknown future. Think about it, all you have is hard work, small to no results and encouraging words. And if you are really on the right emotional path you sometimes get that anxious feeling that resides deep your belly. Really?!

So then it happens, the universe answers.  It's never anything outright though.  It usually shows up in the form of multiple choice situations.  (a) Do X and leave Y, although X is new, it could maybe be the best decision you ever made...or not (b) Although X sounds good, Y is what you really need to do because, it's just cool or at least that is what everyone else keeps telling you. (c) Do nothing, shut down or retreat and run like hell!  Okay, so (c) is not always the best option, but it is the most consistent option.  (a) & (b) more often than not present themselves in different ways, yet (c), well (c) is forever there.

I think what happens is that there are times when you are completely prepared to choose and then there are those times when you are overwhelmed by your choices.  I know you asked for it, but being ready for what you asked for when it shows up is different then when you are simply having a moment and saying"God I really want...."  The moment you actually get to experience your wishes and dreams come to pass, the feelings you have aren't always to run and embrace them initially.  It can feel so unreal because you know that you've worked your tail off, toiled, cried and prayed for it for so long and then it shows up...In different forms though.  The multiple choice I spoke about earlier.

About that multiple choice, I think it's the Universe or God's way of making sure you really know what you want.  To make sure you are paying attention to the details of the life that you have been begging for. Maybe it is also God's way of giving you the option to choose an okay life or a spectacular one...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Accept the magnitude of your function...

Yes, I'm going there, I'm about quote Oprah, actually, I'm quoting Marianne Williamson's words to Oprah:

"Until you accept the magnitude of your function, Your unconscious mind will sabotage any attempt to your full magnificence.  Your self concept has to match your manifestation or else the manifestation is doomed.  

Shift your core belief about who or what you are..."

Looking back through all my previous posts, I know I've written about everything from self forgiveness to sabotage etc...All with good intentions for each reader as well as myself.  Well, if I'm really going to be honest, these posts have been more about my own personal journey as I trip through and to my highest self.  I guess I share them with you for assurance that I am not alone and my mishaps and victories are experiences so many others have had or are in the midst of having...simply put, support.

Every word I've written and action I've taken to get to know self can and will continue to evaporate with the morning dew, if I never accept my purpose/function and it's magnitude.  WOW!   

So, no matter how much I find myself verbalizing my change or  even have the opportunity to  manifest every dream in my heart, until I can accept myself in my highest form, I will constantly live in a space of self sabotage.  

I have worked hard on my inner and outer self.  I am more proud of the woman that I have become than I have been in a very long time.  I feel good about the direction I am heading in, but are my manifestations matching my true self concept?   

 Over the last few years, I lost a decent amount of weight and I felt great...The crazy par of all this is that I was feeling guilty.  Not all the people around me were on the self care page and I felt bad, like I was upstaging them.  I was uncomfortable with the positive/new attention I was receiving from men and all sorts of "you inspire me" or "because of you I'm making changes" from women. So for the last 6 or so weeks, I ate everything in sight and worked out a whole lot less.  I came up with tons of excuses to not workout and even more as to why that 2nd/3rd helping was no big deal.  10lbs. later, I'm over feeling like crap and annoyed with myself.  So why did I do this?  My self concept was not matching my manifestation...What is the solution?  Self care and acceptance of my magnitude.  Acceptance of my higher purpose.  

The upside is that I have stopped my sabotage and am working to get back on track.  I wouldn't have done that some years ago.  Hell, I wouldn't be sharing this with anyone.  I think I'm heading down the right road to this place of magnificence.  

In the meantime, I need to reinforce my core,because shift seems to be happening...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Visionary Plan

So now that your puppet strings have been cut, by you or someone else, what's next?  My guess would be learning to walk on your own again for starters.  Because once upon a time you did.  For me, I was walking and running on my own in my twenties.  I was excited by my own destiny.  I got to create that and it was okay.  I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but there was a point where I started to doubt my ability to make things happen.

I started to doubt who I was and what I was capable of, so I put my fate and destiny in the hands of a large corporation.  I started to depend on this corporation to tell me where I needed to be in life and how they were going to make that happen for me.  The problem has been though, that their idea of my success verses my idea of my success are completely different.  See, they have had a business plan and a vision of what their future of their business looked like and although my name was/is not written in the original business plan, what I had to offer was definitely in the plan.  Hmmm...

This has got me thinking, why don't I have a business plan for my own life?  What can I do to ensure that I  attract the right energy, people or whatever it is I need to my life to fulfill my personal life goals.  No, i'm not saying sit down and write a full blown million word business plan, i'm thinking more like a vision board.  I've done a few before and found them to be a great tool of inspiration for whatever it is that I was wishing for.

A good plan if I say so myself.  Visualize the future what you want by creating a collage of what you really want.  Visualize by not only laying it all out, but by meditating and praying about it.  Getting a true picture of what you want makes it possible to have a successful plan that can help all your dreams come into fruition.