Monday, January 16, 2012

Good Bye 30s

Well, the time has come to say good bye to the sometimes cumbersome and many times rewarding layers of my 30s  and hello to finally embracing the layers of my 40s.  I know life isn't going to be suddenly a walk in the park, but I plan on implementing all those lessons that I've learned thus far and using them to create a flower lined path to and through the park. 

I'm starting to get it more now.  Layer 30 was cautiously optimistic while layer 35 was shock and awe as adulthood took on new levels of crazy.  Layers 36 - 38 we'll just call resolve.  It was just time to do Something/anything differently, and I did.  Then there was layer 39, well, it was tough and not until 39 and 1 day till 40 did I realize I was mourning the closing of this 30s section/chapter of my life.  It's a big change, one number which is supposed to represent how far I've come thus far, but it's over and I've come a long way baby, that is the conversation I had with myself.

So goodbye to that and let's move on to...Not always making an impression to the outside world first,  but about impressing the hell out of yourself causing the world to take notice of you through your own eyes. 

Cheers to a life that will be a walk in the park...