Thursday, August 18, 2011

Puppeteer or Puppet?

It's been an emotionally jarring week for me.  A very large group of people whom I've grown to care about and have worked with for years were released from their duties at the corporate conglomerate that I am still employed by.  Many of us knew it was coming and we knew it would be large, but wow there was nothing that could prepare us for the wave of emotional horror.  Sadness, anger, more sadness, relief, fear, hate, sadness, confusion, fear, sadness, relief and so forth and so on times a 1000.

Well, like with just about anything that is traumatic, people congregated at the local watering hole to commiserate...drinking and eating and laughing and crying and hugging all the while feeling dazed and confused at what the future possibly held.

The conversations over and over again were about next steps.  The answers varied...Going to Paris, moving out of state, going back to school, cleaning up the resume and joining linked in and the list went on...The interesting thing was this was not just a conversation with the freshly unemployed it was held even by the ones that still had an active key card.

So what prompts these conversations?  I guess like any moment of forced change, we find ourselves doing our best to regain control of our destiny.  Forced changed holds the mirror up to the puppet strings that on occasion felt like a nuisance, but for the most part felt very supportive.  These moments when the puppeteer decides to cut off the strings and disassociate, you really find yourself questioning your life.

What point did I hand over the strings to my life?  Is it that I'm terrified to start being the puppeteer in my own life?  Maybe it's the little people who depend on every decision you make or the decisions you have to make are overwhelming and daunting.  Why not let someone else take control?  Maybe you take another chance with a puppeteer who might be kind enough to hold on to you until you are ready to be released? Or maybe you decide to take a chance and control your own life?   Seriously, what the hell do you do?  Puppet or Puppeteer?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Present is A Present...Be Open to It/Open it!

The past is history, so why do we hold on to it so intensely?  Why on Earth do we let it control so much of the who what where and why in our lives?  The future is a mystery, yet we bet everything on it and hope and pray that we are right or in some cases wrong about it.  And while we wrack our brains with how to fix our past so our future will not be the same, we forget about the present which to complete the quote - this very moment is a gift.  So then why do we have such a hard time focusing on the gift of the present?  I mean, here we are, living in a moment that was not promised to us yet we spend most of that moment desperately looking over our shoulder for ghosts of our past while diligently working to avoid them in the future all the while forgetting the present moment that we are so blessed to be in. 
I think the challenge of the present is that we have to deal with the ick or consequences from the past so that our future does not continue you to be a pain in the neck from constantly looking back. The truth of the matter is that sometimes the consequences of the present are a little much to deal with and we avoid them at all cost.  The present is a gift and that is why it is called a present.  The gift of the now is that god/universe has given you another opportunity to elevate your existence to your desired potential.