Friday, April 1, 2016

Second Quarter...Here we go!

Hello April!  It's hard to believe you have already arrived.  You being here requires me to do a quick check in with my 2016 plan of attack.  Am I on a good path?  Have I been diligent and disciplined with my plans?  Have I changed my mind about how I feel about any accomplishments?  Did I surprise myself in anyway?  Am I feeling disappointed or proud of myself?  So many questions you bring to me April!  

So 2016 was/is supposed to be the year I push myself outside of my comfort zone.  Do things that make you uncomfortable because the further out they are the more you find yourself stretching and growing in unexpected ways.  How has it been thus far?  

Quick self assessment, like most folks, I started out incredibly strong.  I knocked out a few things on my list...Travel to LA for the first time...go on a dates(yipes!)...Okay, you get the idea, i've done some ish already and that feels pretty good!  

Let's discuss procrastination though...Why do we procrastinate?  Seriously, why!??! Is it because we or I am afraid of messing things up?  Putting off the failure or hell, putting off the success?  I mean think about it, the longer I put of that next line item on my list the longer it is for me to do the work to keep said line item going...the longer it is before I have to be accountable to said line item, the longer it is before I get an chance to achieve my goal...huh??  That's the problem with procrastination, you don't get ish done.  You actually miss opportunities because you weren't prepared...Thats a problem.  A problem that stunts your ability to grow.  So we flash back to the beginning of this post, I stated that 2016 was/is supposed to be the year I pushed myself outside of my comfort, which means procrastination needs to be what's put off.  There is no time for procrastination, because there are only twelve months in this year and April has arrived signaling the beginning of the second quarter, giving me the opportunity to reset and continue pushing forward because it's only the second quarter and I got this!

April let's do this!!