Monday, October 29, 2012

Trick or Treat

First I'd like to send all my prayers and energy to all the folks affected by the crazy storms that are making a GRAND statement. I pray that folks come out of this stronger and better.

Secondly and the focus of today's post is to ask the question...Inspired by the sights and sounds I've encountered this Halloween week; I'm fascinated with how people choose to express themselves on this day when all rules go out the window. Men dressed as women dressed as men dressed as animals dressed as dinosaurs dressed as celebrities dressed as hobos dressed as...I think for some people it's an opportunity to be someone/thing that would otherwise be unacceptable. I guess for others it's just fun an opportunity to show the world their creative genius with ideas or how they pulled off those ideas.

Oh yea, my question... If you could dress up your life, what would it be? What would it look like? Is there a person it would resemble? Don't hold back, fantasize! Visualize big!
I think Halloween could be a wonderful lesson for life. Don't be afraid to go for it! Dress your life up!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Oh Sandy...

How are you all feeling post Sandy? My heart is breaking for all the people whose lives have been so incredibly devastated by the Mother Nature.
Being on the opposite side of the country makes it hard for me to comprehend the devastation. I can't wrap my head around almost a thousand miles of destruction. Being on the other side of the country doesn't leave us unaffected, as I watch the waves crashing precariously close to the street. I am in awe of the power of your power.

I wake up the day after and the day after that appreciating each moment of my life. And not ever wanting to take anything for granted.

Peace, love, hope and strength to those who are having to rebuild, restructure, redo life as they know or knew it.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

How Prosperous Are You?

Health - Wealth -Love
Thought for the week...
How prosperous do you feel?  
What does prosperiy look like for/to you?
One definition I found was - the condition of being successful or thriving.

So what part of your life needs a bit of a prosperity bootcamp?  A jumpstart and a deep dive clean up so you can create room for prosperity?  Do you know that prosperity is not only about your financial being?  

Prosperity is also your

Health/Wellness - Love/Relationships - and Finances

This week, sit down with yourself and write down what your ideal prosperous life looks like.  How would you like your life to play out from this point on?  Please don't limit yourself to being rational.  Be completely and defiantly irrational.  

The moon is not as out of reach as you think...

Monday, October 8, 2012

lf He Brought You To It..He'll Bring You Through It

But will I really be able to live up to your expectation God? The answer...Yes!   how is that possible God?  You are my mirror as I am yours...Completely made in my image.  You have always been destined to greatness, you just haven't realized it yet.

So now here you are looking down the barrel of your dream that you've deferred so many times.  Pushed it away because of fear of it blowing up in your face.  Feeling like God made a mistake in assigning you this particular dream.  To big and too lofty and too unattainable and i'm so not worthy.  Guess what?  This is YOUR dream!  This is YOUR assignment!  This is YOUR journey!  This is YOUR time!

I can tell you when I get stuck or afraid is usually when I am about to cross over the goal line.  I've gone through my check list and all systems go, then all of a sudden the doubt kicks in and then the self sabotage goes into full effect.  Sometimes just as a distraction someone in my life has some type of disaster.  I've done this enough over the years that I recognize the signs when they show up.  I stop what i'm doing...shut down for a bit...get really sad...hit my lowest point...then realize that I have moved so far beyond my center and have not meditated, prayed, taken care of myself in months.  A crazy yet common spiral that so many people I know experience because they are doing everything to avoid their greatness.    I recognize it and stop and pray.  Doing my best to not run and hide.  Doing my best to stand in my best light.

“Because God is with you all the time, no place is any closer to God than the place where you are right now.” 
 Rick Warren