Sunday, March 23, 2014

What is Your Vision

Proverbs 29:18
If there is no vision the people will perish

So what exactly does this proverb mean? 
Well, simply put, a dream goal fantasy idea whatever you want to call it has to start with a feeling that turns into a thought that grows into an idea that is fed by a strong urge, which some people refer to as passion that manifests into a vision.

A few definitions of vision I have found:
1. The manner in which one sees or conceives of something.
2. The mental image produced by the imagination.
3. Unusual competence in discernment or perception; intelligent foresight.
4. The faculty of sight
5. Something that is or has been seen.

Imagine our world if Ben Franklin, MLK, Sojurner Truth, The Wright Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Oprah, Steve Jobs...I could go on and on.  Each of these individuals had at some point or another fantacized about their achievements.  Because they decided to leave fantasy island and manifest their ideas, humanity has been the lucky beneficiary.  They have contributed to the evolution of man.  Manifesting their visions caused ripple affects.  Inspiring and igniting more visions for others.  Think about this; Ben Franklin discovered electricity, because of this discovery we are able plug our lights, power up computers, watch tv, toast bread; charge our phones and the list goes on.  Imagine what life would be like if Ben Franklin chose to not honor his vision.  What kind of world would we live in.

Do not be afraid of your vision.  You never know how you might benefit the world you live in. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014


My mind was a little bit blown at church today!  So you know the usually songs, church hype person gets on the mic to get everyone ready for an awesome message (show).  After the hype person gets everyone's energy in a great space, then comes the moment we have all been waiting for...the anointed message as shared by one of the chosen vessels who've answered the call to preach/teach/reach/guide the masses through this beautiful/confusing/frustrating/amazing spiritual life that we've all been granted.

Pastor Mark opened with quoting Matthew 7 (Ask and it shall be given - seek and ye shall find - knock and the door will be open to you.  I have heard and read this scripture at least a thousand times over the years and never truly broke it down like it was broken down for me.

Ok, here is the quick and dirty of each of the three sections of what stuck with me.

1. Ask and it shall be give - Over the years I would read this line and think that I whatever God deemed me worthy of attaining, I would be blessed with.  I didn't always think I was worthy of much, so i rarely asked.  Here is what blew my mind a bit..."you are connected to the wants or lack there of and the consequences of them."  You ask for something deep down feeling you will never get it or you. You are connected to the energy good and bad that you put out there.  You ask for millions of dollars, you have to be able to deal with what comes with the riches.  How will you honor the universe for this gift?  Will you just gift yourself with material gifts or will you take advantage of your sudden financial freedom create wealth by nurturing your purpose?  What will you do when you've been heard? Ask with the intention of knowing you will receive EVERYTHING you asked for.  

2.  Seek & ye shall find -  Remember when we were kids and we played hide & seek?  the best part of the game was finding someone!  Life is a big 'ol game of hide & seek!  Seriously.  Unfortunately, many of us end up seeking and never finding those nuggets of greatness those catalysts that life has to offer.  I have spent many a morning/night asking, pleading, begging, crying to God about what I hoped and kind of believed that I could be given.   The truth is, I only would seek with the thought in the back of my heart/mind that I probably would not find it.  The simple yet mind blowing statement as stated by the preacher today...Seek KNOWING that you will find!!  Wha??!!??  Seriously, all about a state of mind. All about believing.  All about not being afraid of finding what you have been

3. Knock & the door will be open to you - Preacher said...Inspiration without action creates NOTHING!  I have been guilty of this over the years.  I have, over the years, been blessed with some of the most amazing ideas.  You know the kind of ideas that cause you to sit straight up in your bed in the middle of the night searching for pen/pencil to put to paper.  Writing every detail down as it flows from your heart to your brain to your hand...when the last detail has been finally written...sleep finds it's  way back to your body.  That has happened to me a couple of times over the years.  I wake up the next morning ready to take on the world with this new plan.  Ready to present this idea to the "right person(s)."  I get to the front door of opportunity and fate and freeze.  Wondering why on earth this completely out of the box, irrational, unconventional plan would work.  "YOU'RE A MOTHER FOR GOODNESS SAKE!" So i walk away and continue on with life.  I haven't always walked away. On a an occasion or two, I did gather the courage to ignore the rationale and knock on the door...only to find that it wasn't the right door.  My reaction to that...this must be a sign from the universe to not do this. Stop the madness.  Then there was that time I published a book, I drove by myself to DC with 3 kids, I flew to/from Zimbabwe with my son, I landed a job that I thought was out of my wheelhouse of knowledge, I helped a women through labor....the doors were answered.  The truth of the matter was/is that you/I don't have a choice but to keep knocking at every door.  Constantly knocking like my/your life depended on it, because it does!  

And so it is...