Saturday, November 26, 2011

Reason # 1 billion & 2, why I love Thanksgiving. Time...

Just finished working on vision boards with my son.  We've been threatening to do this forever, but life continued to occupy every hour of the day.  

I know, my "what I am thankful for this thanksgiving" blog entry is showing a up a few days later because, well, I took the time out to spend with me, my son, my home, my spirit etc.  I had time to just be.  What a great thing!

So yes, I am thankful for having the time to sit down with my son and share each others visions in the form of a collage.  I've heard people say that we should treat our lives like a business.  If you live it all willy-nilly without a plan or a purpose, who knows if you will ever get to live your purpose; If you choose to have a plan and a vision for what you want your life to look like, you more than likely will get to the point where you live your very best purpose filled life.  Damn I wish I had that nugget of knowledge much sooner in life...

I guess what matters is that I get it now and I am sharing it with my 11 year old boy.  Doing this with my son created an opportunity for a dialouge that fed both our curiosities about each other.  This also gave us the fodder to support each other's visions.  Yes, I know he is a kid, but he has dreams and visions of what he wants his life to be.  That vision of life that is so idealistic and without any possible boundaries.  His dreams are still technicolor and boundless.  My boy has an unobstructed view of his best life ever!  Compared to mine...a bit jaded and dipped in way to much reality.

Doing our vision boards together forced me lighten up a bit and believe in the universe, God to bless my hearts desires.

I'm thankful...very thankful...for this time.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

And We're Off!

Wow, October came and went in wharp speed.  It felt like one second I taking in the gradual changing of leaves and the next I was crunching those same leaves underfoot while trick-or-treating with my kid.  During that wharped reality, I spent many hours working, running around, working, catching glimpses of my son (glimpses only because I was working!) and working again.  My day job kinda consumed so much of my life that I put down my dreams and or purpose.  I stopped taking care of myself too.  No gym, prayer, meditation, eating well or sleep...Just work.

So what have I realized during this self imposed hiatus from myself?  That I suddenly felt incredibly lost.  I stopped checking in with my higher self and because I stopped that simple routine of checking in, I started questioning everything.  Questioning my life and prayers and wondering how on earth I was going to make it through to the otherside of the frenetic spell.   How could I get organized?  What was my next move?  Do I really deserve all the good tidings come my way?  Am I really the right person for the job? On and on and on...questioning every part of my existence.  Why, because I was to busy to stop and  check in with my higher self  which could have been benefiting my mental, spiritual and physcial self during this time.

But I'm too busy and tired!  Sad statement, but that is/was my mantra, my chant during this time and every other time my life got/gets overwhelming.  The mantra really needs to be something like "Stop, i'm famished feed me...mind, body and spirit."  Well, i'm gradually getting back on track and I'm feeling so much better.   So much more clarity, so much more direction...I can and will spend more time in November loving my son and myself.